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Species/Subspecies: Micrococcus luteus
Etymology: Genus name: small coccus (seed, grain).
Species epithet: golden yellow.
Significance:  [Of minor importance]   
Old Species Name(s):Micrococcus lysodeikticus
Type Strain: ATCC 4698 = CCUG 5858 = NCTC 2665
Macromorphology (smell): Forms yellowish colonies with granular surface.
Micromorphology: Small cocci (0.5 to 3.5 µm in diameter), which are usually arranged in tetrads or irregular clusters.
Gram +/Gram -:G+
Metabolism: Aerobic
Other Enzymes: Coagulase -
Spec. Char.:
Hosts: Belongs to the normal bacterial flora on the skin of mammalians.
Reservoir: Soil, dust, water and air.
Disease (Swedish):Kan orsaka infektioner hos individer med nedsatt immunförsvar. Kan också orsaka matförgiftning på grund av produktion av kadaverin, som förstärker effekten av histamin.
Disease (English):May cause infections in immunocompromised individuals. May also cause food poisoning due to production of cadaverin, which potentiates the effect of histamine.
Clinical Picture:
Genome Sequence:
Acc-noStrainSize (bp)Genome
CP002790.1 NCTC 2665T 2 501 097 1c + 0 

16S rRNA Seq.:
Acc-noStrainNumber of NTOperon
AJ536198 DSM 20030T 1418 
One of the operons seems to be split in one of the 16S rRNA genes.

 Micrococcus luteus
The genus Micrococcus is composed of only one species, which is related to the genera Renibacterium and Dermatophilus.
Comment:There are three different biovars: I, II and III.

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