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Species/Subspecies: Trueperella pyogenes
Etymology: Genus name: named after the German microbiologist Hans Georg Trüper
Species epithet: pus producing
Significance:  [Very important]   
Old Species Name(s):Corynebacterium pyogenes, Actinomyces pyogenes, Arcanobacterium pyogenes.
Type Strain: C-100 = ATCC 19411 = CCUG 13230 = NCTC 5224
Macromorphology (smell):
Trueperella pyogenes Trueperella pyogenes Trueperella pyogenes 
Very small white, opaque and glistening colonies (0.2-0.5 and 0,2-1,0 mm in diameter after 24 and 48 h, respectively) with β-hemolysis (clear hemolysis) on e.g. bovine, equine and sheep blood agar.
Micromorphology: Small coccoid or pleomorphic nonmotile rods (0.5 x 2 µm), which appear singly, in pairs or short chains. The pairs are often V-shaped. They may also form filaments.
Gram +/Gram -:
Fig. 4.. Gram staining of Trueperella pyogenes, strain CCUG 13230T. The length of the scale bar corresponds to 5 µm. Date: 2010-05-21.
Metabolism: Facultatively anaerobic
Spec. Char.:
Hosts: Cattle, sheep, goat, pigs
Disease (Swedish):Abscess, mastit, pneumoni
Disease (English):Abscesses, mastitis, pneumonia
Clinical Picture:
16S rRNA Seq.:
Acc-noStrainNumber of NTOperon
X79225 (T) 1323  


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