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New server

Map showing visits to VetBact.

People from many countries use VetBact. The map shows the approximate location from which visits occurred during a five hour period on the 26th of October, 2017.

With the recent development of course-related functionality, e.g. the virtual laboratory VetBactLab, the General Quiz and video lectures, we feel that it is time to bring the VetBact database back home to its roots by moving it to a server run by the university IT department.

The URLs have changed in that we no longer use "/vetbact" as part of the URL path, but it is our hope that most links to pages on the website will continue to get you to the right page.

For more information about the change, check out a recent VetBactBlog post.

Published: 2017-11-06.



New server
Map showing visits to VetBact.

We now bring VetBact home to its roots by moving to a server at SLU.

Published 2017-11-06. Read more...

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