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Species/Subspecies: Brochothrix thermosphacta
Etymology: Genus name: a thread with a loop.
Species epithet: killed by heat.
Significance:B. thermosphacta is of great concern in the food industry as product (meat) destroyer.
Old Species Name(s):Microbacterium thermosphactum
Type Strain: ATCC 11509
Macromorphology (smell): Small opaque colonies (0.75-1 mm in diameter). Does not give hemolysis on blood agar.
Micromorphology: Nonmotile rod (0.6-0.75 x 1-2 µm). May form chains (or filaments), which form one or several loops at one end.
Gram +/Gram -:G+
Metabolism: Facultatively anaerobic
Other Enzymes: DNase -, lecithinase -, hippurikase -, tryptophanase -.
Biochemical Tests: Methyl red +, Voges-Proskauer +.
Spec. Char.: Psychrotrophic, optimal growth temperature: 20-25°C, but can grow between 0 and 35°C.
Disease (Swedish):
Disease (English):
Clinical Picture:
16S rRNA Seq.:
Acc-noStrainNumber of NTOperon
M58798 (T) 1 552  

 Brochothrix thermosphacta
Two species within the genus Brochothrix have been described.
Comment:Tolerate 10% NaCl and can grow in up to 20% CO2. Not affected by vacuum packing or modified atmosphere.

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