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Species/Subspecies: Actinobacillus suis
Etymology: Genus name: small ray rod.
Species epithet: from pigs.
Significance:  [Important]   
Type Strain: ATCC 33415 = CCUG 11624 = NCTC 12996
Macromorphology (smell):
Micromorphology: Non motile rod, usually 0.3-0.5 x 0.6-1.4 µm, but can also be more variable in length.
Gram +/Gram -:G-
Metabolism: Fakultativt anaerob
Other Enzymes: Esculinase +, ornithine decarboxylase -, tryptophanase -, urease +
Biochemical Tests: Methyl red -, Voges-Proskauer -, hydrogen sulfide -
Fermentation of carbohydrates:
Other carbohydrates: Adonitol -, dulcitol -, D-fructose +, D-galactose +, inositol -, mannose +, melibiose +.
Spec. Char.: Does not require V-factor (NAD or NADPH) for growth. Cf. other Actinobacillus spp.
Hosts: Pigs and horses
Disease (Swedish):Septikemi och plötslig död hos spädgrisar. Hudförändringar (som liknar rödsjuka) hos äldre grisar.
Disease (English):Septicemia and sudden deaths in piglets, in adult animals meningitis, abortion , metrits and rhomboid skin lesions resembling those of erysipelas
Clinical Picture:
Genome Sequence:
Acc-noStrainSize (bp)Genome
CP003875 H91-0380 2 484 940 1c + 0 

16S rRNA Seq.:
Acc-noStrainNumber of NTOperonSequence similarity
AY362899 ATCC 33415T 1362 99.9-100% 

 Actinobacillus suis
About 17 species have been described within genus Actinobacillus, but the relationship between members within the closely related genera Actinobacillus, Haemophilus, Mannheimia and Pasteurella is very uncertain since none of these genera forms monophyletic clusters.

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