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Species/Subspecies: Streptococcus canis
Etymology: Genus name: twisted (like a chain) cocci (coccus means a grain or a berry and referrs to any spherical microorganism).
Species epithet: from a dog.
Significance:S. canis is often isolated from dogs and cats, but it can also cause bovine mastitis. The bacterium causes sporadic cases of mastitis in certain heards and larger outbreaks in other herds by transmission between cows at milking.
  [Of minor importance]   
Type Strain: STR-T1 = ATCC 43496 = CCUG 27661
Macromorphology (smell):
Streptococcus canis Streptococcus canis Streptococcus canis 
Streptococcus canis 
Medium sized β-hemolytic colonies (1-2 mm in diameter) after incubation for 24 h at 37°C on blood agar.
Micromorphology: Cocci, which appear in pairs or short chains.
Gram +/Gram -:
Fig. 207:5. Gram staining of Streptococcus canis, strain CCUG 37323. The length of the scale bar is equivalent to 5 µm. Date: 2011-06-08.
Metabolism: Facultatively anaerobic
Other Enzymes: Esculinase +, β-galactosidas +, hippuricase -, hyaluronidase -, urease -.
Biochemical Tests: Voges-Proskauer -
Fermentation of carbohydrates:
Other carbohydrates: amygdalin -, ribose +
Microbiological tests:
Streptococcus canis 
CAMP negative
Spec. Char.:
Hosts: Dog, cattle, cat and rat.
Disease (Swedish):Hund, katt och råtta: opportunistiska infektioner, t.ex. abscesser, lymfadenit, mastit, prostatit, pyoderma och pyometra.
ko: mastit.
Disease (English):Dog, cat and rat: opportunistic infections, e.g. abscesses, lymphadenitis, mastitis, prostatitis, pyoderma, pyometra and "puppy strangles".
cow: mastitis.
Clinical Picture:
16S rRNA Seq.:
Acc-noStrainNumber of NTOperon
DQ303184  ATCC 43496T 1 462  

 Streptococcus canis
About 100 species have been described within the genus Streptococcus. Many species within the genus Enterococcus have earlier been classified as streptococci and, thus, they are closely related. S. canis is closely related to S. pyogenes.
Comment:Belongs to Lancefield's group G streptcocci.

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