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Species/Subspecies: Mycoplasmopsis meleagridis
Category: Notifiable diseases and bacteria
Etymology: Genus name: similar to mycoplasma (fungus shaped).
Species epithet: from a turkey.
Significance:  [Important]   
Alternative Species Name(s):Mycoplama meleagridis
Type Strain: 17529 = ATCC 25294 = NCTC 10153.
Macromorphology (smell): Forms small colonies, which are not always umbonated ("fried egg appearance"). The macro morphology can be observed in a microscope.
Micromorphology: Small coccoid cells.
Gram +/Gram -:G-, but is normally not gram stained because the cells will then be fragmented.
Metabolism: Fakulatively anaerobic.Energy source: arginine (pH is increased).
Fermentation of carbohydrates: Glucose -
Spec. Char.: Lacks a cell wall.
HostsDiseaseClinical picture
TurkeysAirsacculitis, which is vertically transmitted via eggs. Occurs rarely in adult individuals.Reduced hatchability and decreased growt rate. Tachypnoea (increased breathing frequency), nasal discharge and sneezing.
TurkeysBone deformities, which is vertically transmitted via eggs.Reduced hatchability and decreased growt rate. Lameness, swelling and crooked necks.
Raptor birds???M. meleagridis has been isolated from raptor birds
Genome Sequence:
Acc-noStrainSize (bp)GenomeRef.
JZXN01000000 ATCC 25294T 0 634 182  Nr 173

16S rRNA Seq.:
Acc-noStrainNumber of NTOperon
L24106 175291437  

Mycoplasmopsis is the largest genus among mollicutes of veterinary importance and about 55 species have been described so far within this genus. M. meleagridis is closely related to M. agalactiae and M. bovis. See the phylogenetic tree (Fig. 215:1) where M can mean Mycoplasma, Mesomycoplasma, Metamycoplasma, Mycoplasmoides or Mycoplasmopsis.
Legislation: Avian mycoplasmosis caused by M. meleagridis is notifyable to the Swedish Board of Agriculture in Sweden
Comment:Based on whole genome sequencing, the taxonomy of mycoplasmas has recently undergone a comprehensive revision. The new taxonomy has now been introduced in VetBact, but it will still be possible to search for the alternative species names. Read more about the revised taxonomy of the mollicutes under the Term list of VetBact and see also reference 164 below.
Reference(s): No. 164


The revised taxonomy of the mollicutes

The revised taxonomy of mollicutes (mycoplasmas) has now been introduced on VetBact, which means that many of the species have been given new genus names or moved to another higher taxon. 

Published 2021-11-25. Read more...

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