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Species/Subspecies: Aliivibrio salmonicida
Etymology: Genus name: Another Vibrio.
Species epithet: salmon killer.
Significance:A. salmonicida is of minor importance in Sweden, but important in other countries, e.g. Norway.
  [Of minor importance]   
Old Species Name(s):Vibrio salmonicida
Type Strain: HI 7751 = ATCC 43839 = CIP 103166 = LMG 14010 = NCIMB 2262.
Macromorphology (smell):
Aliivibrio salmonicida 
Micromorphology: Rod shaped with flagella.
Gram +/Gram -:G-
Other Enzymes: Tryptophanase - (= indole -)
Spec. Char.:
Hosts: Farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), sea farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and captive Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua).
Disease (Swedish):Kallvattensvibrios eller Hitra-sjuka.
Disease (English):Cold-water vibriosis (CV).
Clinical Picture:
Virulence Factors: A. salmonicida possess a siderophore, bisucaberin, to acquire iron.

Genome Sequence:
Acc-noStrainSize (bp)Genome
FM178380 NC_011312.1 & NC_011313.1 4 531 626 2c + 4c 
Chrom. I (3 325 165 bp) and chrom. II (1 206 461 bp), respectively.

16S rRNA Seq.:
Acc-noStrainNumber of NTOperon
X70643 NCMB 2262T 1478 12 
Eleven rRNA operons on chrom. I and one on chrom. II

 Aliivibrio salmonicida
Six species have been described within the genus Aliivibrio and they are, as the name implies, closely related to members of the genus Aliivibrio. A. salmonicida is also closely related to Listonella anguillarum.

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